What is tribal fusion you ask? It is a modern style of bellydance based on classical and folkloric Middle Eastern Dance that has evolved by incorporating elements of other world dance styles such as Flamenco, Indian, Contemporary and Hip-hop. It was created originally by dancers in the United States in the 1970's and has continued to evolve since then.  It is very diverse and open stylistically while keeping its roots in the techniques of Classical Middle Eastern Dance.


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ITS - Improvisational Tribal Style


ITS is an improvisational style of bellydance created by Amy Sigil of Sacramento California.  It evolved out of American Tribal Style and has a set of movements and cued combinations, allowing dancers to perform in a completely improvised manner.  It is also modern in its diverse styles of music, creating a dynamic and high energy dance!  ITS is lots of fun and addictive!


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Qu'est-ce que c'est le Tribal Fusion? C'est un style de danse orientale modernisée et basée sur la danse orientale classique et folklorique, incluant des éléments d'autres danses du monde comme le Flamenco, danses Indiennes, Contemporaines, Hip-hop...  Cette danse a été créée aux Etats-Unis dans les années 1970 et continue depuis à évoluer. Elle est très diverse et ouverte aux différents styles, tout en gardant ses racines dans les techniques de la danse orientale classique.


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ITS - Style Tribal Improvisé


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